Whose Signed-up?


Sign-Up for the chance to win a coveted license plate holder!!!!

                  The Winners Spoils!!!


Welcome to the 2017 Calcutta Event for the weekend of OCTOBER 7/8.

Sign-ups close:  Monday, 5 pm September 11th
Draft:                    Tuesday, September 12th
Auction Party:   Thursday, September 28th


First 48 gentlemen and 48 ladies!  Once we are filled we will keep a waiting list based on the time-stamp of sign-up.
Cost estimate of just $65  +/-  includes: Scheduled Team Practices and Team Parties prior to the event; Two days of fun filled tennis; Meeting new members; Auction Party + free drink; Calcutta Party with Dinner and free drink; Continental Breakfast, Saturday and Sunday.
Free keg beer (until we run out!!); Opportunity to buy part of a team and win money; Coveted license plate holders for winners; Engravings for permanent trophies; Tennis Balls provided; Special Commissioner Surprises!!


Cancellation Policy:

* If a player drops out before the teams are drafted there will be no charge.

* Players who drop out after the draft will be charged 75% of the fee and their substitute will pay 75% of the fee. Both players may attend all the events.

* Replacements during the weekend tennis event will pay no fee, however they will pay the normal guest fee if they attend the Saturday Party.


EACH PLAYER MUST SIGN-UP INDIVIDUALLY!  (If 2 members of a family are playing, each must enroll, but one person can sign-up multiple family members.)

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