MTC Board & Committee Members


Members may attend any regularly scheduled committee meeting as an observer, except Executive sessions.


 Board of Directors

 Rich Hoffman


 Liz Collins Vice President
 John Honey  Treasuer  | Liaison – Finance
 Emily Birkenseer  Secretary
 Aric Clark  Liaison – House & Grounds
 Randy Tugaw  Liasion – Entertainment
 Mark Clem  Liason – Social
 Jacqueline Osterman  Liaison – Tennis
 Maureen Tierney
 Meeting:  6pm – Last Thursday of Month


 Stuart Keirle


 Terry Cush
 Ron Stolowitz
 John Honey
 Jackie Gorton
 Frank Battat
 Meeting:  6pm – 3rd Monday of month

House and Grounds

 Diane Fass


 Randy Tugaw
 Lisa Cush
 Jeff Kent
 Katherine Fisher
 Eddie Madueno
 Marty Marks
 Meeting:  5:30pm – 1st Wednesday of month


 Janet Bosnich


 Mike Andreson
 Margaret Bender
 Susan Cymrot
 Rob Lang
 Liz Tabussi
 Barbara Schmitt  As needed


 Mercita Oliva


 Jeff Birkenseer
 Lyn Gardiner
 Larry Le Vine
 John Shields
 Linda Gordon
 Meeting:  5:30pm -2ond Wednesday of Month


Jeff Kamys


Jeff Birkenseer
Kent Castle
Jennifer Holmes
Mark Plaskon
Corliss Saland
Janet Bosnich
Amy See
Larry La Vine
 Meeting:  5-30pm – 2ond Monday

Social Tennis

Herb Gottlieb


 Rob Lang
 Mei Lee
 Clif Crowder
 Corliss Saland
 Fred Saland
Luba Koffman
Willie Marks
Liz Tabussi
Larry Le Vine
Margaret Bauthier
Mina Solemani
Ted Smith
Meeting:  6:15pm – 4th Monday of month