Adult Clinics      (4-6 Players, 90 min)


Clinics are offered each day by our amazing Tennis Professionals.

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_____________________ Clinic Descriptions _____________________

Clinic’s are a fun and productive way to focus on improving a wide range of tennis skills while enhancing overall health and fitness.


Private & Semi-Private Lessons

  • Personalized coaching sessions designed to help players improve their game, whether they are beginners or experienced players, looking to enhance their skills. Private & semi-private lessons offer the benefit of one-on-one attention from the coach, allowing for a more customized approach to improving individual weaknesses & building on existing strengths.
  • Fundamentals covered in these lessons include technique, footwork, balance, and overall game strategy. In terms of technique, coaches will help players to develop proper grips, swings, and strokes, as well as refine their form and follow-through.



  • Sessions focused on strategy, positioning, technique, & situations and designed to improve the skills & knowledge of tennis players who are interested in playing both doubles & singles. Topics covered include the importance of communication and teamwork, effective shot selection, court positioning, and understanding the different types of shots.
  • Clinics focus on specific strategies and tactics required for doubles tennis, such as playing at the net, serving & returning with a specific plan, and using ground strokes for strong baseline game and passing shots. We will enhance the understanding of the roles and responsibilities of each player on the team, as well as how to work together to cover the court effectively and maximize their chances of winning.


Team Practices

  • Offered specifically to teams participating in USTA and other leagues. Sessions will include all the elements of regular clinics as well as some aspects of private lessons. Team practices focus on effective partnerships, communication on the court, and more universal strategy and tactics that can be implemented by all the players on the team.


Live Ball

  • Fast pace, doubles-oriented clinic that focuses on court positioning and point play with variety of scenarios and limited instruction. The objective of drills in this clinic is to play as many points as possible against different opponents to adjust to various styles and situations.  Excellent way to get your exercise, work on stamina, and have fun with music!


 Hit & Run
         Open to all adults & juniors, this free 2 hours social clinic is a slower version of Live Ball with no coaching.  It’s great fun on Saturday morning.



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Guest and other non-members will be charged a daily $10 fee.

No fee for cancelation 24 hours before the lesson. Late cancelation will be charged full cost.