Adult Clinics      (4-6 Players, 90 min)


Clinics are offered each day by our amazing Tennis Professionals.

              Want to improve your game?   Take a Clinic!!


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____________ Clinic Descriptions ____________

Clinic’s are a fun way to focus on improving a wide range of tennis skills while enhancing overall health and fitness.

Live Ball
This up-tempo, doubles clinic focuses on court positioning and point play with individual coaching suggestions.

Theme Clinics
Skill-specific clinics provide personalized stroke and strategic instruction to bring your game to the next level.

Hit & Run
Open to all adults & juniors, this free clinic is a slower version of Live Ball with no coaching.  Drop-in Clinic, no reservations.  Great fun on  Saturday morning.!  Give it a try.




_____________ Monday ________________

 Lesson                                                  Coach

10:30am  Women 3.5+ Clinic              Sam

5:30pm  Men 4.0+ Clinic                     TBD


_____________ Tuesday _______________

 Lesson                                               Coach

10:30am  Men 3.5+ Clinic                  Sam

12:30pm  Live Ball 4.0+ Clinic         Anton

5:30pm  Women 3.0+ Clinic             Sam


___________ Wednesday ______________

 Lesson                                               Coach

10:30am  Women 4.0+ Clinic            Anton

12:00pm  Men 3.5+ Clinic                   Sam

5:30pm  Women 3.5+ Clinic              Anton


___________ Thursday ______________

 Lesson                                               Coach

10:30am  Women 3.5+ Clinic            Sam

12:30pm  Live Ball 3.0+ Clinic          Anton

2:00pm  Women 4.0+ Clinic             Sam



___________ Friday ______________

 Lesson                                               Coach

10:30am  Mixed 3.5+ Clinic            Anton

12:30pm  Mixed 4.0+ Clinic            Anton

2:00pm  Women 4.0+ Clinic            Sam


___________ Saturday ______________

 Lesson                                               Coach

10:00am  Hit & Run                            Herb      ( 120 Min)




Guest and other non-members will be charged a daily $10 fee.

No fee for cancelation 24 hours before the lesson. Late cancelation will be charged full cost.